Venue Rentals




Cache Creek Vineyards & Winery has 2 sites that are perfect for a wedding ceremony.

  1. On the eastern edge of the winery premises, located within walking distance from the winery and reception area but far enough away to feel like you just escaped the world, is our first site. Set amongst a backdrop of majestic Oak trees and mountains with Cache Creek flowing peacefully in the background, this is a magical place for that special day!  Area is flat and easily accessible and various seating options are available to easily accommodate 350 guests.  The pathway leading to the ceremony site works well for those who have grand entrance plans, such as riding up in a horse and carriage!
  2. Located a little closer to the main winery building, is our beautiful stage, elevated from ground level by a few stairs which is an ideal spot for the bride and groom to step up to their new lives together. This area is equipped with electrical outlets in various spots for additional lighting and sound equipment.  The covered patio area is equipped with built in overhead heaters.  There is also a section of the patio that is uncovered for those who prefer to enjoy the great outdoors.  The patio overlooks the large, manicured picnic area that has endless options for guest reception seating, dance floor, barbecues, and more.



The Winery has an indoor full commercial kitchen with various amenities to allow for caterers to prep (with proper licensing) and keep food items stored properly for the duration of the event.  Please note that all caterers must be licensed and provide proper documentation to the Winery prior to the day of the event.


The Winery has an upstairs private tasting room that is located in the barrel section of the building.  This is an area that will facilitate a large meeting for up to 50 people or also works well for an area for the bride to get ready on the big day.  The private tasting room is equipped with a large flat screen TV, for use in presentations along with a complete surround sound system.                    


The facility’s bathroom capacity is for up to 200 guests.  For larger groups portable restrooms will be required at 1 unit per 50 guest count.  For example 2 units needed for 100 additional guests above the 200 guests noted above.  This will be ordered by the winery and will include one hand washing station per sanitary requirements.   If this is applicable Client agrees to an additional $75.00 per portable unit.


We recommend the services of Lake Event Design to coordinate your rental requirements for additional tables, chairs, special equipment, dishes, linens, etc.  You may also use an alternate service if you have access to one.  Our Event Coordinator, Ari Lopez, will assist you with information and details for your big day, however, we do not provide “Wedding Planner” duties.  


Client shall be responsible for loss or damage to Winery property and injury to person(s) attending the event, whether caused by acts of omissions or not, of Client, its agents, employees, guests, or invitees. Client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Winery from all claims, damages, suits or liabilities that may arise or occur from the Client’s rental and use of Winery facilities.  Client agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Winery for any liability, cost or claims for personal injuries or property damage or any violation of federal, state or municipal law or ordinance arising out of or in connection with or caused by the negligent, willful, or intentional act or omission to act of Client or Client’s guest or invitees.  The guest take responsibility for and hold the Winery, and its Owner and its Owner’s Representatives harmless for any action that results in property damage or injury to themselves, their guests, or others including those related to the use alcohol, medications, or other substances.  The Winery and its Owner is not responsible for its inability to perform this agreement and its entirety if it is prevented from doing so by circumstances beyond its control, i.e. acts of nature, severe weather, etc.  In the event of such circumstances the Winery and its Owner will be limited to returning amounts previously deposited by the Client.


Client shall provide the Winery with a copy of a certificate of insurance naming Clearlake Lava, Inc. DBA Cache Creek Vineyards as an additional insured (for $1,000,000.00) which must be received 30 days before the event occurs.  Liquor liability is required.


The winery can provide seating and tables for roughly 100 people included in the rental fee.  However, be aware that our tables are 8’ rectangular tables, and our chairs are dark brown.  If the Client desires round tables, or different chairs, the Client shall be responsible for renting or obtaining them outside of this agreement.  Client or client’s caterer is responsible for providing all necessary serving ware, glasses, dishes, and linens equipment, for the event unless specified below.


Client shall surrender the facilities at termination of the event in the same condition as received.  Client shall be responsible for damages caused by Client’s negligence and that of Client’s guests.  Client shall neither commit nor allow any person to commit any act resulting in the destruction, defacement, damage, impairment or removal of any part of the Rented Premises, including wall, ceiling, floor, furniture, fixtures, and furnishings in the facility or on its grounds.

Garbage receptacles and recycling bins will be made available for Client to dispose of trash accordingly.


Due to various laws and regulations the Winery is only allowed to use approved Vendors.  Clients must provide all Vendor information to Winery 30 days prior to the event.


Live music is allowed if kept at an acceptable volume level and subject to the approval of the Winery.  Music ends at 10:00.


Any decoration, alteration and/or lighting of the premises must have prior consent from the Winery.  All decorations must be removed by Client before vacating the premises.


The Winery requires that all wine served at the event be Cache Creek Vineyards wine.  The Client will be given a 30% discount on all wine purchased for the event.  Client agrees to refuse to allow alcohol to be served to, or consumed by, any who are visibly intoxicated or under 21 years of age.  Client to be made aware that the Winery can ask guests to leave or shut down the entire event if a minor is being served or consuming alcohol.   Beer can be supplied by the Winery, special restrictions apply.  


All servers, parking attendants, entertainers, speakers, setup or cleanup personnel, shall be arranged for and are the responsibility of the Client or the Winery’s Agent.


Starting of any fire, bonfire, etc. is not permitted on the premises.


Smoking is not permitted anytime on the premises.


Clients and guests shall park in the large designated parking area.  There is also handicapped accessible parking located close to the entrance of the Winery.  All Vendors who need to unload or load must do so in the designated loading area, and then proceed to park in the designated parking area.


The Winery and its Property Owner is not responsible for any noise interruptions during events due to operation of equipment, vehicles, on premises or from neighboring properties.  The Winery is located on a wildlife corridor in which wild animals, snakes, and critters are free to roam.  Clients are advised to exercise caution when viewing, hiking, or sight-seeing on the premises and to be respectful in regards to preservation of the land by not littering.  It is also advised that all leftover food be placed in the proper garbage receptacles located in specified areas of the premises.  


The Venue rental price is based on the number of guest in attendance.

Fewer than 75 Guests = $3,500

75-150 Guests = $4,000

150-200 Guests = $4,500

200+ Guests = $5,000

A non-refundable Security Deposit of 25% of the total rental price is to be included with this signed Rental Agreement and will hold the date.  Ten days prior to the event, the remaining rental fee is required to reserve the event space for the date of your event.  If notice is given 60 days or more prior to the event, the Winery will refund the deposit to the Client.



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